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  • Throw the weight quickly, easy and without diets effectively and hunger. Throw the weight without prejudice to health.

    The Desire to throw the weight became at the last years by integral part lifestyle big group of the population. Throw the weight, look better, correspond to accepted in our society to type of the beauty together with rising realization to need of the care about health, here is factors, which bring the many mans, womans and youth to observance of the diet. When keep the diet for the reason throw the weight, as a rule, pay attention to external signs: change the weight, size of the cloth, but ignore unencountered, negative results of the diet such as arising the deficit vitamin, mineral and the other nutrients that brings to haggard type not only, droop skins and stretching, but also more serious problem with health.

    First of all us necessary be defined:

  • Under desire to throw the spare weight necessary to understand else and desire to hold long time reached result.

  • The Purpose of the desire to throw the weight must be not only reduction of the volumes hips and waistlines, but also the general recovery, flowering type of the person and extension to lifes.

  • Coming from above stated I try to analyse the main methods slim down on correspondence to purpose.

    In traditional sense, the word diet means the type of the food, which usually eats the person or animal (Short Oxford dictionary).

    The Litter about this, carefully think over its daily ration. What food you usually go bad or get prettier? There is beside you overweight, that, sooner whole bad.

    The Other meaning Diet - restrictive mode of the feeding on prescription of the physician or for the reason throw the weight. Here is whence rise the problems of the many modern diets for slim down restrictions, multiplied on ignorance in the field of feeding. The Restrictions can break metabolism in organism or deprive his(its) important nutrients.

    Diets used for the reason throw weight, do not give sufficient amount a vitamin and mineral material by following reasons:

    1. The Reduction amount fat in menu, sometimes before level below obligatory, can cause the defect a vitamin, being kept in fat: A, D, E. K.

    2. Significant reduction amount comsumed fruit because of comparatively high level of the contents in them sahara and calories can cause defect of the vitamin , beta-karotina, vitamin V6 and others

    3. The Reduction of the consumption cereal, including full cereals (bread, flour products, rice, corn and t. d.), can cause the defect a vitamin groups and magnesias.

    4. The Reduction comsumed meat amount, basically internal organ (the hearts, liver, pochek. Rich fat and calories), can cause the defect a ferric, vitamin V12, the other vitamin of the group , vitamin D and A, zinc and biotin.

    5. Use purgative and preparation, stimulation separation to liquids from organism for speedup of the process slim down, can cause the reduction to abilities to adopt the food, including bing kept in her vitamins and mineral material, as well as escalated loss vitamin and mineral and finally bring about their defect in organism.

    6. The Defect of the variety in feeding can be connected with diet, founded on some one product: only rice, or only watermelon, or with so named by separate feeding (division carbohydrate and squirrel). Obviously that these diets will give the organism limited amount vitamin and mineral material.

    7. The Monotony of the feeding can be caused defect to information on calory content composition foods, not comprised of ration, or fear of the influence of the variety of the food on process slim down.

    The Constant consumption of the products of the certain type, even provided that they from different groups, not only quickly bore and will call in question possibility itself to throw the weight, but also can cause the defect a vitamin and mineral material, being kept in excluded from ration product. Accumulating deficit vitamin and mineral material can be shown in such phenomenas, as escalated fallout hair, fragility legs, dry skin and others.

    To avoid origin of such deficit, necessary to refrain from invalid systems slim down such as use purgative or diuretic preparation, as well as from diets with small assortment of the products.